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3 way power switch - break before make

Chassis electrics

3 way power switch - break before make

Postby samcory » Wed Jan 26, 2011 10:28 am

You guy probably all know about this but I thought someone might find it interesting. My rv has a 120v usa generator and a 240v shoreline that powers up a few 13amp UK sockets and a 120v transformer.
The way it was fitted in my rv was under one of the diner seats. Whenever I wanted to use the shoreline I had to remove the seat and unplug the RV from the geni and plug it into the transformer.
To resolve this problem what I needed was a three-way break before make switch capable of handling all the power. I tried the electrical wholesalers and was offered a great big box switch similar to what you see in a factory to turn machine tools on and off. Then totaly by accident I found this lovely small unit that I fitted inside the RV on the side wall of the diner.
see here:
http://www.force4.co.uk/4649/Sterling-- ... witch.html

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Re: 3 way power switch - break before make

Postby doug » Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:50 pm

That really is a very neat little switch and I like the fact that the front panel is water proofed. I know it doesn't apply in your case but if it had to go in a locker it's just another comfort factor. I used to use Force 4 Chandlery all the time when we had the boat, very good stuff and not unreasonable prices.
Regards Doug

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